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Frequently Asked Questions


I have lost my password, where can I retrieve it?

Please contact your account manager to reset your password.

How do I get to the webshop?

Just click here ‘Webshop‘. Or use

I can’t find a product, what do I do now?

Please contact the account manager. He can search whether this product is really not for sale and look for an alternative.

Where can I download an overview of my order?

You can download an overview of your order from the webshop.


Where can I check my accounts payable?

Please contact your account manager for an update on your accounts payable

What is my current outstanding embalage balance?

Please contact your account manager for your latest balance

Where can I change my delivery address?

Please report the changes to your account manager

I have not received an order confirmation by email, what should I do?

You can find the order on the webshop or by contacting your account manager

Where can I fill in the return emballage form?

Click here to download the return emballage form

Becoming a client

How can I become a (webshop) customer?

Click here to become a customer of Anton Spaargaren


I am dissatisfied with my order, where can I report this?

You can leave your feedback on our Service page.

I am not satisfied with my products. Where can I claim this?

You can submit a claim on our Service page.


Which departure days are there to which destinations?

Please contact your account manager to discuss the departure days for your destination

At what time do I see the most complete product range?

Between 2 pm – 5.30 am most of the product range is visible on the webshop. Should you be looking for a product at a different time and not finding it? Please contact your account manager.

Can I order on holidays?

You can order on a public holiday, but the flowers will be processed on the next working day.

Can I have my order delivered to a different address than the delivery address entered?

This is possible. Contact us and we can look at the possibilities.

Is there a time limit for placing my order in the webshop?

If you want the order to leave Aalsmeer the same day, it is important that you place the order before 11 a.m. (CEST) (this may differ depending on the region). In addition, after placing an item in your shopping cart, you have ten minutes to make any changes. This only applies to products from the Stock and offer. If something is bought from the VMP, the product is bought immediately.

Can I still change my order?

After 11am CEST, the order cannot be changed. Please contact the account manager to change your order.


What are the transport costs?

The costs of transport depend on the carrier chosen by you and the agreements made with it. Check the costs with your account manager

What is the difference between the departure date and the delivery date?

The departure date is the day your order departs from Aalsmeer. You choose the departure date when creating an order, immediately after logging in. Please note: this is not the day you receive your order. You will receive your order on the delivery date. The delivery date depends on the carrier chosen by you and your location address.

What is the delivery time?

If you order before 11 a.m. (CEST) (this may differ depending on the region), your order will depart from Aalsmeer the same day.

Do you deliver flowers in my country?

Contact us to see if we already sell flowers to your country or if we can make this possible.

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