With their feminine appeal, cymbidiums are the perfect flower for Mother’s Day, grown by passionate family farmers.

Meet 4 female cymbidium growers who tell why cymbidium is so special.

Esther Vermeer

Esther runs a c ymbidium nursery with her husband Simon and eldest son Jacco. Simon introduced her to the flower business and her eldest son had been in the greenhouse from a young age.

Esther: “Cymbidium has a very long vase life, you can really enjoy it for ages!”


This also makes it the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, as they will enjoy it for an extra long time. Ester also regularly gives her mother a branch of cymbidium herself.

Her favorite flower? The cymbidium Riaad, a variety with different shades of roses. But the white version with a pink heart is also a favorite.


Sandra van der Helm

Sandra runs the cymbidum nursery with her husband Leo. Here Leo takes care of the cultivation and Sandra does the rest; from packing and preparing flowers to keeping the socials up to date.

Sandra inherited her love of flowers from her mother. The yellow cymbidium was her mother’s favorite, now they honor her by putting it next to her picture. They also named three varieties after their children: Madelon, Iris and Huub. Those varieties hold a special place in her heart.

According to Sandra, the cymbidium is a beautiful, elegant flower that because of its symbolism of love and friendship, is very suitable to give during Mother’s Day. Choosing the right color is very personal.

Sandra: “The emphasis around Mother’s Day is on white, pink and red, but I love all colors!”


Sylvia van der Helm

Sylvia, married to cymbidium grower Fred van der Helm does try to help with the nursery every day.

Sylvia thinks the cymbidium is a very feminine flower and certainly appropriate for Mother’s Day. She encourages looking at colors other than the traditional red and pink varieties.

For example, go for the green varieties, such as the ‘Jungle Trail’. Combine these with other flowers and it is guaranteed to look beautiful.

Sylvia: “With cymbidium you truly give someone a gem!”


That’s why she thinks you shouldn’t just give flowers on Mother’s Day, but spoil someone with them more often. Enjoy the moments you still have with loved ones.

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Carla van Heijningen

Carla, the mother-in-law of c ymbidium grower Vincent van der Houwen, first had a vine tomato farm. When that was sold, Vincent asked if she or his nursery would like to come to work. Vincent lives with her middle daughter and 8-month-old baby.

Carla enjoys working in the nursery without the great responsibility of running her own business. She works mostly in the barn: packing and preparing orders. Light work, but mostly enjoyable work.

Carla loves cymbidiums and loves them, especially because of the different colors. Her favorites are the yellow varieties, such as ‘Golden Boy’. Were you to ask her daughter, her choice would be ‘Irene,’ a pink cymbidium.

Carla: “I love a big cymbidium branch in a mixed bouquet.”


Cymbidium growers are true family growers. There is immense passion in every flower, which is reflected in the imposing flower. The cymbidium is therefore the perfect gift for Mother’s Day.