Tulips, who doesn’t love them? The tulip has inspired many florists over the centuries. In this article, you will discover the beauty of tulips!

Discover the diversity of tulips

Growing tulips starts in autumn, where the bulbs are planted in crates with potting soil or water. They undergo a cold period in cold stores for optimal sprucing. In spring, with warmer temperatures, the bulbs sprout and grow into beautiful tulips of various shapes, sizes, and colours.

Different types of tulips:

  1. Single tulips
  2. Double tulips
  3. Fringed tulips
  4. Coronet tulips
  5. Parrot (Parrot) tulips


Single tulips

Single tulips have one row of six petals and give a classic look.

Double tulips

Double tulips have more than 6 petals divided into several rows, making them look like large and rich filled tulips.

Fringed tulips

Fringed tulips are characterized by their jagged edges on the petals.

Coronet tulips

Coronet tulips have an unusual shape, with the petals curving outwards, giving them a playful appearance.

Parrot (Parrot) tulips

Parrot tulips have curled petals that resemble the feathers of a parrot, giving them an exotic look.

French tulips

Want even more unique tulips? Then choose French tulips, for example.

These tulips, also called xl tulips because of their extra-long and strong stems and large flowers, are grown in southern France. They grow more slowly, so they last longer in the vase and can bloom for several years in the garden.


Colourful Masterpieces

All varieties are beautiful on their own, but can also be incorporated very well into bouquets.

Each type and colour of tulip means something different. Understand the symbolism of tulips to convey the right message in a bouquet, for example for International Women’s Day or Mother’s Day!

Red tulips

Eternal love, passion

Yellow tulips

Appreciation and sympathy

Pink tulips

Mother’s love


Start of tulip season

From the end of December to the end of May, you can mainly enjoy tulips and see them in the shops. Want to see them blooming in the tulip fields? You can do so from late March to early May.

To properly usher in the (cut) tulip season in the Netherlands, National Tulip Day will be celebrated on the third Saturday in January. Amsterdam’s Museumplein will then be filled with 200,000 tulips, most of which have been sponsored by Preferred Supplier A & P Flowers!


This year’s theme was ‘Let’s Dance’, befitting tulips, inspired by the playful and bouncy effect of tulips as if they were dancing in the vase.

Appropriate to the theme, DJ Hardwell not only opened the garden, but also christened his own tulip. The new ‘Hardwell’ tulip, breeder and grown by Preferred Supplier Triflor, a special crispa variety in bright red with yellow/orange.


The journey of the tulip

The origin of the tulip is in Turkey, which makes it surprising that the Netherlands is known as the tulip country. However, the tulip was not introduced to the Netherlands until the 16e century. Today, it is impossible to imagine the flower world without the tulip.

Did you know…

  • in the 17e century tulips were so popular that they were worth more than some houses?
  • the name ‘tulip’ comes from the Persian word ‘Tulipa’, meaning turban?
  • the tulip is the flower of the constellation Aries?

Discover tulip growers

At Triflor, they grow everything on potting soil, which guarantees top quality tulips (bulbs).

They grow some 55 million tulips a year! A lot of their tulips they breed themselves. In doing so, they specialise in the serrated variety. Like the new variety ‘Hardwell’ christened during International Tulip Day.


Naturally, you want to enjoy these tulips as well and for as long as possible. Here you will find tips from growers on how to take good care of tulips:

  1. Cut the stem off about 1.5 cm;
  2. Choose a clean tall vase, as tulips continue to grow several centimetres;
  3. First, put the tulips wrapped in paper or foil in the vase for another hour. This way they will fill up with water and straighten out;
  4. Refill the vase regularly with water, tulips drink a lot.
  5. Do not put the vase with tulips near a fruit bowl or bright sun.


Tulip season has officially started! This was celebrated during International Tulip Day in Amsterdam, where many tulips of all shapes and sizes were on display. From single, double, frilly, coronet to parrot tulips. For a special variety, choose the French tulip. Each type and colour of tulip has a different meaning, making them perfect for bouquets and creations. Whether you choose the Tulipa Avignon Parrot in the Pantone colour of the year, or make a responsible choice with the Durable FSI filter. Tulips are versatile and loved by all!