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Bloom with us during Bloomshare – Open house!


Bloomshare – Open house is Hilverda De Boer’s in-house exhibition, where you can discover all facets of the company.

The event will be held at the venue:
– HQ Hilverda De Boer – Contoneaster 12 – De Kwakel

Opening hours: 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Arrange the times with your contact person


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HQ Hilverda De Boer

At HQ Hilverda De Boer, you enter the world of high-end floral design:

  • Be inspired by an extensive range of high-quality, exclusive and seasonal products.
  • Meet master florist Samantha Wilhelm and watch the first episode of Sam’s masterpieces.
  • Meet Koen and Dionne from the CSR team and find out what the product of the future is.
  • Make international connections through our new international import label called Floral Global Sourcing (FGS) led by Leo van Rijn.


Would you like to discover all aspects? Then sign up quickly here or get in touch with your contact and meet us during Bloomshare – Open house!