Now that the sunshine and nice weather are on the rise, it’s also time again for the most beautiful summer flowers. Summer flowers provide an explosion of colour and fragrance, both in the garden and at home.

Popular summer flowers:

  1. Hydrangeas
  2. Delphinium
  3. Lavender
  4. Dahlias
  5. Celosia
  6. Scabiosa
  7. Campanula
  8. Agapanthus
  9. Snapdragon
  10. Allium
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Urban Tane_bloemen_LR-38
Bright Vivid_bloemen_MEIJUN_2023_LR-9
Urban Tane_bloemen_MEIJUN_2023_LR-5

All these flowers are suitable for making bright and colourful bouquets. For example, combine different heights and colours for a playful effect. Add extra texture and depth by using ornamental grasses.

By experimenting with different flower types, colours, heights and textures, you can make beautiful creations that reflect the feeling of summer.