Product of the Month

Product of the Month

A weekly new item at the Anton Spaargaren Blog will be ‘Product of the Month’. In this series we will go deeper into the history, bloom process and care conditions of different flower/plant types.

For the first edition of our new item ‘Product of the Month’ we would like to introduce you to Forsythia.

History of Forsythia. 

Every thursday of this month we will provide you with some background information on this cheerful yellow-brooming branch, which of course is available in our webshop and through our account managers.

The Forsythia gets his name from mister W, Forsyth, who was the superinterdent of Royal Kensington Gardens.

Despite the English name-giver to this well known early spring bloomer, this branch originates from East Asia, and is family to the olive branch.


Tune in next week Thursday for more..