There you are! Here we are again with the final part of our Product of the month blog on Hyacinths. This week, some Hyacinth-adjacent fun facts.

Like, did you know Hyacinth is a women’s first name? One of the most famous Hyacinths, you might have guessed it, is Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced: Bouquet) from the british comedy show Keeping up Appearances. Her sisters were also very floral by the way, being named Rose and Violet.

The scent of Hyacinth is used within the perfume industry, to enhance other scents, or to star on it’s own, and make you smell like spring.

Last but not least, The Doors (a popular band, with front man Jim Morrison) made a song called Hyacinth House. As you see, there is more to Hyacinth then just a pretty flower.

That’s all for now, we are looking forward welcoming you again next week for our new Product of the Month.