Tulp Festival wants to bring back the tulip in the city streets of Amsterdam. The aim is to plant eventually one tulip for each individual citizen of Amsterdam. This amounts to 850.000 tulips. You can enjoy them between the 31th of march and the 30th of april at 85 different locations…or as long as they are blooming.

The Tulp Festival takes place at 85 locations: in the public spaces of Amsterdam, in the gardens of the city’s museums and hotels, and by notable buildings in the city centre as well as in the districts of Noord, Oost, West, Nieuw-West, Zuid and Zuidoost. All displays in public areas are free to enjoy, for some museum gardens normal ticket prices apply.

Stroll or cycle past parks and squares, streets and canals, gardens and flower beds; where tulips are planted directly in the ground, or in beautiful, large pots. Let yourself be seduced by the explosion of varieties and colours, and be inspired to plant tulips yourself next Autumn. Take a look on the Map, or check the Guidebook to plan your own route.


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