Visit Keukenhof – Open from 22 March 2018 till13 May 2018

Tomorrow will be the first day of Keukenhof 2018. Keukenhof is the international and independent showcase for the Dutch floricultural sector, with a special emphasis on flower bulbs. Besides the 32 hectares of flowers you can enjoy the spectacular flower shows, suprising inspirational gardens, unique art and wonderful events.



Historical garden
This garden highlights 400 years of tulip cultivation in the Netherlands. The garden relates the tulip’s origins and shows you tulips that have been cultivated (in some cases) for four centuries.

Inspirational gardens
In the romantic Cupid’s garden, the Holiday Romance Garden, Rob’s Oriental Garden, Rebel Garden, Delft Blue Garden, Hipster Garden, Tea Garden and Health Garden you can find loads of inspiration for your own house and garden.

                                                   Anton Spaargaren: Keukenhof 2018   


This year’s Theme of Keukenhof will be Romance in Flowers. Propose to your loved ones in the romantic tulip garden or have a secret rendezvous in the Cupid Garden or the Love Paradise. Say it with flowers..  The flower shows will also have romance as their theme.

Photo Credits: Keukenhof Holland

Keukenhof will be open from 22 March till 13 May 2018.

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