Summer Flowers

Hello there!
Summer is in full swing here in the Netherlands, and most likely you are enjoying warm temperatures and sunshine as well.
We would like to give you some inspiration on how to bring this summery feeling inside as well. And what better way to do this then by putting some brightly colored summer flowers on display.

One of these happy colored summer flowers is Celosia. These flowers come in quite some shapes and sizes, which makes it a multi-purpose flower. For instance Celosia Cristata (like Act Dara, Act Zara and Act Rima) which are shaped crinkly, has some likeness to (brain) coral. Celosia Plumosa (like Venezuela Caracas) has the same bright colouring, but is shaped completely different, and displays a feather-like shape. And finally, Celosia Spicata is a spiked variety, which has some resemblance to wheat. But, unlike wheat, it comes in a variety of vivid colours.
If you would like to know more about this interesting flower, feel free to check the Product of the Month blog on our website, Celosia is featured there during the month of July.

Another flower which resembles summer to a tee is Helianthus, a.k.a. sunflower. As well as the sunset, sunflowers come in various colors and shades, from bright yellow to deep orange. Although a classic, people still get cheerful when gazing upon this seasonal superstar.
Their popularity was discovered quite a while ago, and their beauty is captured in the painting ‘The sunflowers’ by the famous Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh. This painting is one of the centrepieces in the permanent collection of the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam. Interesting fact, the sunflower in astrology is linked to the zodiac Leo.

If you want to take another route, but remain in the summer vibe, Delphinium might be for you. This graceful flower comes in various shades of blue, white, purple and pink, and in lenghts up to 140 centimeters. Therefore this flower is also very suitable for centre pieces and large decorations, also due to their slightly sweet scent.

Speaking of scent, the absolute master of scent is another summer flower, namely Lathyrus. If you like to have the scent of freshly washed laundry in your home, place a little bundle of Lathryus in a small vase and get carried away by their naturally sweet scent. Their delicate display and varied color palet makes them a big star in a small size.

Another smaller kind of flower, but which has the same type of grace and elegance, is Gloriosa. This delicate flower comes in red, orange, pink and greenish yellow, and can feature in short stemmed bouquets or lighten up a table piece.

Obviously all of these flowers are available through our webshop and via our account managers.
Anton Spaargaren wishes you a happy summer!