New month, new product for the month. However, since May is overflowing us with flowers, we have a Duo of the Month this time. We would like to shine our light upon Delphinium and Peony, and enlighten you with some interesting background information on these attractive flowers.

The post of today will be focused on Delphinium. The name Delphinium comes from dolphins, since the flower buds of Delphinium looks a little like the nose of a dolphin. The history of Delphinium, which is in the same flower family as Ranunculus, goes back to the 16th century. Since the flowers are not known to have any healing powers, at first people were not that interested in them. However, as soon as flowers started to be grown ‘just for show’, the enthousiasm grew.
This impressive flower, which is very popular in Germany, is one of the few who has a natural blue color. Nowadays all kinds of flowers are available in various kinds of blue, through coloring or cross-breeding, but Delphinium is blue by nature.