A weekly new item at the Anton Spaargaren Blog will be ‘Product of the Month’. In this series we will go deeper into the history, blooming process and care conditions of different flower/plant types.

For the first edition of our new item ‘Product of the Month’ we would like to introduce you to Forsythia.

Blooming process

Welcome back again! Here’s the second part of our Forsythia series, which is our Product of the Month.

Today we like to talk about the blooming proces. Forsythia branches on it’s own are not that appealing, but what makes it stand out are the yellow colored flowers, which show themselves in early spring.

Depending on the variety, the tone of yellow can differ, but all types will bloom with bell-shaped flowers, which last for a few weeks.

Directly after the bloom starts, little leafs (foliage) is formed. These green leaves will last for months, althought the flowers will be gone by then,

Tune in next week (wednesday) for more…



PS. This product is the perfect Easter flower!