Summer! It’s there, and very much so (at least, over here in the Netherlands) Since we have landed in a new month, August, we have a new Product of the Month. This time we have chosen for Dahlia.
This brightly colored flower, which comes in many shapes and sizes, will conquer your heart when you let it.

The origin of Dahlia lies in Mexico, where they grow in the wild, and are called acoctli.
The Western name comes from the Swedish botanist Anders Dahl (a student of professor Linneaus) The Dahlia dates back to the 16th century, but it lasted until the 18th century until seeds were brought back to Europe, and handed over to the Botanical Gardens in Madrid. And so the cultivation began. In the Netherlands the first Dahlia were grown in the year 1810.
Dahlia is a part of the Asteraceae family, and therefore related, among others, to chysanthenum and Helianthus.

Wanna know more about this beautiful flower? More will come… next week!