And we’re back! It’s Thursday again, and we’re happy to welcome you back for another piece of information on Celosia.
Today we like to focus on how to take care of your Celosia, and how to use them in a bouquet.
All Celosia are tropical flowers by origin, which prefer a lot of natural light. Due to their tropical heritage, they are also quite thirsty flowers. So be sure to water them sufficiently. And, as most cutflowers, make sure to cut the stem diagonally before placing them in a vase, this will increase the amount of water the flower can absorb. Apart from this, they are quite easy to grow, either as cutflower or as a potted plant.
But how to use Celosia in a bouquet? The following articles, one from Garden Collage and another from Fifty Flowers, might give you some inspiration. Or try to re-create the bouquet in the image to this article, created by mooiwatbloemendoen.nl Check the links below:


But wait, there is more… see you next week!