Netherlands agricultural exports break record

Dutch exports of  agricultural products exceeded €85 bn. in 2016; a 4.4% increase compared to 2015 according to the Dutch ministry of Economic Affairs. The export of agricultural materials, knowledge, and technology equalled €9 bn. The increase in export led the export value to a new record, and the increase is the highest since 2011. The total Agri & Food exports thus equalled €94 bn in 2015, and makes up more than 20% of the total Dutch exports.

The statements are based on the provisional data provided by Statistics Netherlands and Wageningen Economic Research, which were presented by undersecretary of Economic Affairs Martijn van Dam at the ‘Grüne Woche’ in Berlin.

The top 5 of exported products in the Agri & Food sector were the following:

Persbericht 20-1-2017

Next to the export of flowers, vegetables, meats and diary, the Netherlands is becoming more  important in the export of knowledge and technology such as fertilisers and special climate systems.

The Netherlands is the biggest exporter of agricultural- and horticultural products in Europe. On a global scale, only the United States export more of these products.

Source: Rijksoverheid