A new development at the Flora Holland auctions:
From today, the buyer’s card numbers will in several steps become invisible to the other customers.
This measure gives more privacy to the customers and on top of that should generate a stabler market.
Untill now there was a 100% transparency about who bought what and for what price. However both growers and customers expressed their wish to change this system.
Tests with anomymous buying on the clocks for chrysanthemums and roses showed that the price-setting became more stable indeed.
Which seems only logical; if buyers are buying while watching their competitors, they are likely to react more on impulse which can cause strong fluctuations.
Hence this big change to put a leash on human nature and somehow reminds of ‘mystery shopping’, (i.e. when a researcher visits a shop incognito, in this case without the research part).

Anton Spaargaren Clock Aalsmeer